Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by Jean Lee -BOOK REVIEW

NAME: Fallen Princeborn: Stolen

AUTHOR: Jean Lee

GENRE: YA Dark Fantasy, Romance

RATING: 5 chocolates

Bonjour Bookish Beauts!


So firstly, I’d like to send a truck-full of love and thanks to Jean Lee, the author of this book. She was kind enough to send me a free copy and mesmerize me with her undeniably amazing, aesthetic book that I came to fall for. Jean Lee is also a blogger here on WP (!) and has got great contents for you to enjoy. (I’m still not over the fact that someone has actually thought I was worth considering (WHAAA???))

So ANYway, I was supposed to finish this one way back, but you know BunnerBooky. She ain’t got time to breathe (she has to endure 3 months of continuous and constant torture of exams if you’re wondering and she’s not even kidding; it’s the school)

So she’s managed to read pretty much nothing in the past few weeks except for this book *gets shocked for the thousandth time and faints* and therefore 2019 absolutely reeks of failure and disappointment (way to go, buddy.)

But whatever, let’s end the whine and get to business, shall we?

(My apologies for being a gigantic whiner.)


A GLANCE AT ‘Fallen Princeborn: Stolen’


Charlotte Aegir lives with a past that she yearns to forget – she’s trying to move on and get to her goals, get to safety and get a concert ovation that would help her heal, or in other words, not feel dead. Her younger sister, Anna, being the most annoying little thief of a teenager is also with her when she travels to Appleton to get to her aunt to leave her past behind for a new try at life. And that is when bizarre things arrive at her feet.

Even though Anna is nothing but an awful lot of nuisance to Charlotte, she cannot bear it for a breath when Anna suddenly disappears – behind the Wall, during the journey, away from Charlotte forever.

Charlotte is determined to reclaim her sister when she gets over the Wall, and she is ever prone to the darkness of the land beyond the Wall exactly because of that determination. She will try hard enough – but will it ruin her own life? Will she live through the place where the ‘velidevour’ crawl for human dreams?


WHAT I FELT READING ‘Fallen Princeborn: Stolen’


I have NO idea where to begin. Oh well, let’s start from the characters.

I LOVED THEM. Seriously, these characters are the kind I absolutely fall for. I’d been having a hard time finding books that had characters talking all primordially without the book being written in my, what, grandma’s time? I don’t think there are many books that have ancient characters that talk all anciently, in the modern world, anymore, which is why I absolutely relished every bit of the story and its characters. Charlotte is from the 21st Century, but the male protagonist, Liam, is certainly not. Which leads to the point that there is, in fact, a really cool male protagonist in the story who is immortal and therefore young but ancient, and I don’t think you might’ve derived that from my synopsis above. Pardon – Liam and Charlotte are the most adorable pair I’ve liked in a hell lot of while.

The thing that I loved the most, after the writing style and Liam and Charlie, of course, is the place where this book takes you. For a debut novel, I’d say this book has a really grand, aesthetically and proportionally described place of tale. River Vine is the fantasy land where the ‘velidevour’ dwell and all the events arise – and I wish I could live there for the rest of my life. And the way the author has chosen to describe it – I wish I wasn’t so damn jealous. Really. You wouldn’t think the novel is a debut – that’s how much gripping and vibrant and colorful the writing is.

Inspired me like the inspirational dream of a book this is!

If you’re a human being who loves color and life and green and flowers, (and perhaps creepy dream-drinkers/human-slayers too) I ask you: do you know how much you’re missing if you haven’t yet read this book?

A TON. You shouldn’t wait for a second more, my friend!


She gazes out and sees a garden with an overwhelming array

of blooms. A perfect place for picnics, for a blanket and a book, for lying

back and breathing it all in.

– From Fallen Princeborn: Stolen




Jean Lee is a Wisconsin born and bred writer excited to share her young adult fiction with those who love to find other worlds hidden in the humdrum of everyday life. Lee’s short story collection Tales of the River Vine is currently available for free download on Amazon, Nook, and other markets. Her serialized fantasy Middler’s Pride is available via the Indie E-magazine Channillo. Lee’s first novel, Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, debuts Halloween 2018 from Aionios Books. She currently lives in the Madison area with her husband and three children.


Have you read Fallen Princeborn – Stolen? Are you a fan of fantasy as much as I am? Do you have book suggestions for me?

Let’s chat in the comments!





12 thoughts on “Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by Jean Lee -BOOK REVIEW

  1. jeanleesworld says:

    Ooooooooooh this makes my day! Honored and pleased as cheese that you loved my book. It’s on sale right now, too, for just 99 cents!
    Thanks again for sharing my story with your fellow readers and bloggers. You’re a wonder!

    Liked by 1 person

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