CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith [REVIEW]

NAME: Child 44

Author: Tom Rob Smith

Genre: Crime Fiction

Rating: 5 chocolates (since my life revolves around them)


HELLOW bookies!

So first, deep breath.

I apologize for abandoning blogosphere for a damly long time and for maliciously skipping many posts and just getting so damn busy with life and for sleeping extra hours like a lazy bum that I certainly am and for thinking I can actually live without doing a review apparently I certainly cannot do that but still I thought that way and I’m sorry again.

Kind of went overboard with the whole apologizing thing, but whatever. Anyway, I’m back with another annoying review. (You’re welcome).



Leo Demidov is a police officer in a Russia where crime is non-existent, and anyone who speaks of it will buy themselves an automatic death sentence. Leo does his job – in fact, he is a meticulous one at it. He’s proud of what he’s become and proud of what he’s done for his country – until at some point when his life is upturned with the advent of a criminal whom the State refuses to acknowledge or declare is existent.

When the world turns against him, and nobody can be trusted, Leo contrives a way to escape the perils thrown at him, and solve a crime that seems to gain clout in feral intensity.


I have absolutely no words to describe how much the book made me squeal like a psychopath. I mean, this is some story right here, people.

The beginning of the story (it’s a ‘Past’ part) was pretty enticing; starting out with a village where there is nothing to eat and everybody is literally hunting down cats for survival. After that part, we’re taken to the present world, where we are introduced to Leo and the rest of the story goes on without any connection to the first bit of the story, which was totally a read-prompter in all actuality. And it was enough for me to blind my eyes reading the book in one sitting when everyone else in the house of mine is sleeping their heads off. Yep, this book just broke the record and totally got me dozing off in the classroom the next day.

Keeping the story apart, the writing style was great and I loved it, but as always, there is a limit to debuts being ‘Stephan King-ly’, so I’d say there were tiny problems here and there and I found that the beginning part was a bit longer than required.

So yeah, I think you should go for this if you’re looking for a nice Crime Fiction to add spice to your boring life. Or even non-boring aesthetic life. The book’s gonna add spice either way so don’t judge me XD




Smith was born and raised in South London. He went to school at Dulwich College between the years of 1987 and 1997. Following his graduation from St John’s College, Cambridge, in 2001, he received the Harper Wood Studentship for English Poetry and Literature and continued his Creative Writing studies for a year at Parvin University, in Italy.


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8 thoughts on “CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith [REVIEW]

  1. allthingsthriller says:

    Excellent review. I’m interested in this. It sounds like it is lifted from a true story about a fiendish child serial killer of the former Soviet Union. The party line had always been that serial killers were a product of Western decadence (especially American decadence) and, therefore, did not exist in the superior Communist utopia of the Soviet Union. Anyway, I have an aversion to depictions of cruelty to children and animals–old people too. If I don’t take the plunge it’ll be because of that.
    Keep studying. And don’t forget to have some fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunnerbooky says:

      Thanks again, Pam. You’re so sweet! ❤
      This book is something you’ll love, I think. It’s a wild thriller and most people seem to be rating it highly. The story does indeed revolve around a serial killer and the writing is amazing too (although, like I said, debut troubles could be seen). I'm afraid this includes a bit of violence towards kids but it’s in any other way a great book!
      Hope you enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. RoseMarie says:

    Wonderful Post. I love sleeping😊 So this sounds like awesome, crazy read and I am adding it to my TBR list, plus it made you screamed like a psychopath, so gotta read it😂.


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