The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello there lovely person(s)!!Can somebody believe this? We’ve hit 100+ followers! (A big deal for me)THANKS A BUNCH AND ANOTHER BUNCH to all my sweet followers for your support! I cannot fathom the fact that the lot of you think I'm worth following even though I disappear at times and don't regularly post. (That said, … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award


CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith [REVIEW]

NAME: Child 44 Author: Tom Rob Smith Genre: Crime Fiction Rating: 5 chocolates (since my life revolves around them)   HELLOW bookies! So first, deep breath. I apologize for abandoning blogosphere for a damly long time and for maliciously skipping many posts and just getting so damn busy with life and for sleeping extra hours … Continue reading CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith [REVIEW]