TO be happy and to make happy

Hello, everyone out there who loves and loves books!!!

For one thing, I love and love books too, so we’re kind of alike. I’ve been a major bibliophile for over five years (small number, I’m aware) and I’ve always loved living in books. And I also regret wasting my time not reading for a few years, but I hadn’t gotten the push back then.

I read and I read a lot now (perhaps in the hope of making up for the wasted years?) and I’ve decided to make others read too. There are some peeps out there still thinking books are not just for them, but I changed my own self from believing that – and I’m hoping I could do the same for the aforementioned people. Like J.K Rowling said, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

I’m a twelfth grader with loads of future prospects, a chocolate-loving heart, and (obviously) a book-loving pair of eyes. I have lots of other things too, but these are the things of primacy in my life. 

I cannot point out one favorite book because there are tons of books that I fell in love with. But maybe I’ll round it all to The Divergent Series (I did love Tris’s character a LOT).  And I have a complete to-read list like most people do too, except that mine also includes textbooks, with exams on my face every now and then. But, I’m good.

I, like most people, am trying to live my life to the brim – that is to say, my adventures are pretty wild. But unlike most people, I can stop myself where I have to. Ethics have always gotten my spirit, and I’m kind of relieved that it has.




3 thoughts on “TO be happy and to make happy

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    I’m glad you have discovered the love of reading. It is an amazing thing to be able to hold a book in your hands and disappear into the world that opens up through the words. I am a big reader. Anything from kid’s books to the more serious and esoteric. So much to read and so little time. I have just finished a post WW1 romance that kept me reading to the wee hours of the night. Not sure what I will read next…. thank you by the way for the follow. Enjoy reading and goodluck with the exams

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    • bunnerbooky says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      You’re right, books are indeed heaven. I cannot still believe that there was a time I used to think I’d never read a novel, or that I’d never love reading. Jane Eyre was the very first book I completed reading, and from then on, I’d been a person whose food is books!
      Exams are a bit of a gigantic stress, but I am not a blockhead enough to leave reading. :’D
      I hope you visit by often. Thank you again!

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