Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful#1) by Jamie McGuire – review

Hello, human beings out there!

Now don’t ask me why, but I’ve decided to not go for another book that‘s named to make you believe that the book actually turns disasters into beautiful creatures by magic – like this book here. I might be exaggerating that a tiny bit, but still. It’s entirely my fault for not checking out at least one single review of this book before I plunged in and I kind of paid for being a colossal idiot.

So I guess you might’ve guessed by now – I didn’t quite like this read. The book is an epic boredom weaver and an eye-roll prompter. The book started off pretty okay, but then just went downhill and destroyed me.

So here’s my hate review with spoilers I think aren’t so spoilery’. (Merely stating a fact).

And, I’m going to keep this real short. So don’t run away yet.

Abby Abernathy lives her life as an invisible high school girl with the most un-cool existence possible. She has no friends except for America, who’s dating someone, unlike Abby. But, she doesn’t hold complaints – Abernathy’s totally habituated to it. She loves her life the way it is, (thinks she’s too modest, in all actuality).

That’s when the school’s most popular playboy (also a boxer champ) takes interest in her plain self (big roll of the eye there) and begins to trail her for ends there is no prediction for (but I could pretty much predict). Travis Maddox, who’s a tattoo covered, sinewy handsome guy, who loves no girl for real falls for her elegant deportment and diffidence. He also starts referring to her as ‘Pigeon’ for some absurdity I don’t quite remember.

Travis and Abby build their liaison upon the name of friendship. But Travis quietly likes her. Actually, they both kind of like each other but Abby doesn’t want anything more than friendship from him – because he’s a playboy and she doesn’t play. But when Abby loses a bet to Travis, she has no choice but to go live with him and stay with him for nights. At this point, I was damnly sure that the rest could be sucky. And I was so right.

As the story proceeds, Abby and Travis become a couple, only to cry over trifles and break up and then become a couple again. I got really annoyed halfway through, therefore, and wanted to just murder both of their faces.

So, yeah, I very well hated the main characters, especially Abby with her crap behavior and stupid ego and all of her crappiness at the whole. I mean, she’s a total failure for a protagonist.

I rarely, so rarely hate the books I read, so you can trust me when I say that this one isn’t going to blow you away.

Okay, now I feel sort of guilty, so here ends the bursting out of hate-talk.

To make myself feel better, one thing I like about this book: the style of writing. It was good, adorable style and I loved it. But the whole story seemed too much stretched and longer than it should’ve been. Fair to say it bored me a little too much. And the name made me think that it was fantasy, which it clearly isn’t. (Again, blame me for not reading the blurb first. I think I might really have to work on being less dumb.)

Now, I wouldn’t tell you to not read this book, because I’m nobody to judge your taste. If you’re a big fan of ‘romantic break-ups and get-backs on a loop’, you might love the book. Or not love the book. Depends. It wasn’t my cup of tea, unfortunately.

Have you read Beautiful Disaster? OR any other Jamie McGuire novel?

Think I’m wrong about this book?

Let’s see in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful#1) by Jamie McGuire – review

    • bunnerbooky says:

      The name does it. If you haven’t read it yet, I don’t think you should. But it’s up to you to decide. Though I strongly recommend not wasting your time on this one. (wow I’m so against this book :’D)

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